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February started with changes and developments. There is nothing left to do but move on. After I heard that my Boss was ultimately planning to dissolve the SEO department and finally utilize our skills into something more demanding - my first initial reaction was, "Nooooooooo!". But then I mellowed down and accepted the challenge as something that I have to surmount by the end of the year. Since I only have a measly know-how on web design, I am currently cramming. Trying to learn HTML, CSS and soon a whole lot more programming langauge. I have up to June to learn the basics and then until December to really get my hands dirty. I am quite lucky though to be surrounded by people who are quite knowledgeable in this area.

So we have below my first attempt in ever designing a web template.

I'm really not into web design, this is my first. What do you think?

My colleague, Julie, made the lay-out. I only changed the color scheme.

What do you generally think about my web design and color preference? I need some moral support here (wink). Do you have any general advice (on web developing and probably programming) for a newbie such as myself? For all the other rookies out there, my friend referred to me this interactive HTML tutorial. Had lot's of fun with it and I hope you'll learn something too.

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Ali said...

dude , your second design is really good and i would love to share an resource to learn html . htmlplayground.com is something very worth. it allows you to test every single tag in html.

BloggerChika said...

Hello Ali... Thanks for the tip.. I sure do hope that it was me that designed the second layout. My only contribution is the color scheme... ;P

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