Memorable Photography Quotes

This inspired me to be better and to start bringing my camera everywhere I go.

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Find me at Flickr

I just created an account at flickr. This photo right here is a photo of my grandmother's orchids.I think I took this last Tuesday. What do you think?

Lola's Orchid

Since last Friday, me and Lhynx, went for a drive around Cordova,  we were able to take some photos good for B&W.

Making a Living from Fishing

Please view the rest of my photos and your comments, whether good or ugly, are most welcome.

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Meet my Girls [first post since I was MIA]

When I was a child, creativity was synonymous to my name in Marie Earnestine School. Although I am not aptly endowed with artisan skills, I'd like to think that I am artistic. Although, today I would have to admit that I am slowly losing the child in me, I won't lose it without putting up a fight. After countless nights of working and just plainly getting stuck in the rat race, I have decided to take a stand and finally reward myself by buying my very own DSLR camera - impulsively.

Meet my Lily, an Olympus E-420. I would like to believe that Lily is meant for me since she was the last stock available before the unbelievable promo ended.

Olympus E420 with Pancake Lens Kit 

Photo Credits: DCResource 

For the price and it's capabilities - I would have to say that it was a steal, a definite must-have. Whilst this is an entry level camera, among its features that I love are: the anti-shock, live view, AF points of up to 11, good photo quality, it's currently the smallest DSLR camera, impressive continuous shooting mode, and it really does offer you value for your money.

Before I finally caved and decided to buy Lily, I first bought Holga, my lomo camera. I wanted to try film first to test my love for the craft. For my first film, only 6 were not ,and out from that only 4 looked okay. For the second roll of film, let's just say I forgot to take my lens cap off and have ultimately missed out on the potentially lomo masterpiece opportunity.

Holga 120N
Photo Credit: Graycard18

Anyway, its getting quite late. I will definitely post pictures soon.

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Creative Make-Up

These are some of the works of Wenwen Zaspa, make-up artists of the socialites.

Avant Garde

"Animalistic" Moments

4-Eyed Gorgeous

Victorian Nonetheless

You can check out his portfolio here >>

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Another Burnout

Other than my regular work, I am a freelancer. For the past few months, all I ever did was write for several websites and several blogs. Truth of the matter is I sometimes find my long nights of technical writing daunting. Today, I find myself writing through a method I would normally throw-up on - it is tasteless. The degree of creativity and hard work I put into it is trivial. Nonetheless, I find my creativity slowly shriveling up and if I don't do something about it today, it will soon be a distant memory tomorrow.

"I could just remember all of my interpretative dance presentation with Sining Dilaab."

"My poetry writing prowess."

"My love for painting?"

"My love for directing school plays and script writing"

Then I stumbled into renegade writer's blog and realized that I am not alone. She too shares my sentiments and experiences. I'm quite relieved that someone can relate to my current state of mind and more so - bears solutions. I have below some of Renegade Writer's tips that I'll be applying.

Jump outside the box and do the Twist.

I will buy new books and buy a set of new DVDs that can help tickle a muse currently in a coma. I will probably jog once in a week to go out of my way (I don't do exercises), in hopes to liven-up a faint-hearted spirit.

Be mindful at work.

Just like Renegade writer, I too find myself taking short-cuts in my writing work. I use the same phrases and I just harbor ideas for my next article topic which can be downright lazy.

Although I already have Renegade Writer's action plan at the back of my mind for quite some time, I don't have the commitment to follow it through. This time I will. " really pay attention when I write and try to come up with the best — not the easiest — way to get my ideas across. ...figure out how you can do it differently to force your mind to pay attention to the task."

Take a class.

I love to dance, especially interpretative. After my graduation, my once flexible body has now become more awkward and stiff. I find myself growing conscious whenever I dance. I need to let it loose somehow.

Do morning pages.

As soon as you wake up, write three pages, long-hand, about anything you want. It doesn’t matter if what you write is drivel or even the same word repeated twenty times. What matters is that you do it. I’m not quite sure how it works, but I suspect you’re spilling all the distracting chatter from your head onto the paper so you can redirect your mental powers to being creative. I also suspect that every once in a while, a creative gem will pop out of your head and onto the paper. I haven’t been doing it long enough to see results, but I’ll keep at it.

I have a notebook to spare at home and I need to work on my ability to wake up early. Instead of three, I'll have a minimum of one page per morning. No laptop, just the old-school pen and paper. Goodluck!

These are a few of Renegade Writer's advice, view the rest of her tips here. I find it true that I need to add creativity to all aspects of my life in order for my own artistic ingenuity to reflect in my work. On to the path of creative living, to pursue greatness in every way.

~ ~ Thank you Renegade Writer for lifting my spirits up! ~ ~

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One Nostril at a Time

I'm terribly sick. Well, that might be an overstatement but I am sick. I have the colds and whenever I have them, I end up with a fever or with an asthma. Today, I have the cough so I might end up with the latter. Anyway, as I was browsing through my Google Reader, I stumbled into Jessica Zafra's post on blowing your nose. Apparently, I'm not the only whose feeling sick. Anyway, she wrote a quick tip on how to properly blow your nose. To start with its ideal not to blow your nose when you have the colds, however it just feels so utterly good whenever you get all those slimy mucus out of your already clogged and swollen nose. So to alleviate the stuffy feeling, blow your nostril one at a time and take a decongestant that will actually work (I haven't taken any that has proved to really decongest my too congested nose).

Happy Sneezing everyone.

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Web Design Newbie

February started with changes and developments. There is nothing left to do but move on. After I heard that my Boss was ultimately planning to dissolve the SEO department and finally utilize our skills into something more demanding - my first initial reaction was, "Nooooooooo!". But then I mellowed down and accepted the challenge as something that I have to surmount by the end of the year. Since I only have a measly know-how on web design, I am currently cramming. Trying to learn HTML, CSS and soon a whole lot more programming langauge. I have up to June to learn the basics and then until December to really get my hands dirty. I am quite lucky though to be surrounded by people who are quite knowledgeable in this area.

So we have below my first attempt in ever designing a web template.

I'm really not into web design, this is my first. What do you think?

My colleague, Julie, made the lay-out. I only changed the color scheme.

What do you generally think about my web design and color preference? I need some moral support here (wink). Do you have any general advice (on web developing and probably programming) for a newbie such as myself? For all the other rookies out there, my friend referred to me this interactive HTML tutorial. Had lot's of fun with it and I hope you'll learn something too.

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