Meet my Girls [first post since I was MIA]

When I was a child, creativity was synonymous to my name in Marie Earnestine School. Although I am not aptly endowed with artisan skills, I'd like to think that I am artistic. Although, today I would have to admit that I am slowly losing the child in me, I won't lose it without putting up a fight. After countless nights of working and just plainly getting stuck in the rat race, I have decided to take a stand and finally reward myself by buying my very own DSLR camera - impulsively.

Meet my Lily, an Olympus E-420. I would like to believe that Lily is meant for me since she was the last stock available before the unbelievable promo ended.

Olympus E420 with Pancake Lens Kit 

Photo Credits: DCResource 

For the price and it's capabilities - I would have to say that it was a steal, a definite must-have. Whilst this is an entry level camera, among its features that I love are: the anti-shock, live view, AF points of up to 11, good photo quality, it's currently the smallest DSLR camera, impressive continuous shooting mode, and it really does offer you value for your money.

Before I finally caved and decided to buy Lily, I first bought Holga, my lomo camera. I wanted to try film first to test my love for the craft. For my first film, only 6 were not ,and out from that only 4 looked okay. For the second roll of film, let's just say I forgot to take my lens cap off and have ultimately missed out on the potentially lomo masterpiece opportunity.

Holga 120N
Photo Credit: Graycard18

Anyway, its getting quite late. I will definitely post pictures soon.

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