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Around 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin co-founded the now ubiquitous web household name Google. The company name "Google" originated from the term "Googol" which means 1 with a hundred zeros. A decade has passed and in this post we will discuss how Google's logo evolved over the years.

Google No. 1 Typeface: Adobe Garamond

Ruth Kedar, the graphic designer who developed the now-famous logo, shows the iterations that led to the instantly recognizable primary colors and Catull typeface that define the Google brand.

Google No. 2 Typeface: Catull

This design ended up being part of the basis for the multiple Os at the bottom of Google's search results page.

Google No. 3 Typeface: ITC Leawood

The interlocking rings are a metaphor for far-reaching searches that involve different cultures and different countries.

Google No. 4 Typeface: Catull

All the letters in this design are uppercase, giving it a more corporate and solid feel, but by changing the letters' sizes and adding colors, Kedar keeps the logo playful.

Google No. 5 Typeface: Catull

This is a further iteration of the previous design, but Kedar gets rid of the cross hairs and the ability to see through the magnifying glass. She adds a smiling mouth, though, to represent "happy" results and a positive search experience.

Google No. 6 Typeface: ITC Leawood

This design was close to Brin's original concept, but by using the Leawood font, shadowing and shading, Kedar gets some dimensionality into the logo as the letters go through thick and thin stages. The logo floats on the search page, which they knew was going to be clean and mostly white. This iteration also started a discussion regarding how many colors Google wanted and what kind of color progression would work.

Google No. 7 Typeface: Catull

By taking out the magnifying glass, Kedar opens up the logo to signify that Google can become much more than just a search engine. By playing with the angles and colors of the letters, she tries to make clear that Google isn't a square corporation.

Final Design Typeface: Catull

Source: Wired

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