Crisis and Freelancing

Economic recession is amidst us and you can certainly feel it as belts are slowly tightened. But is 2009 really a bust for freelancers because of the crisis? Apparently not.

Many companies are cutting costs at these crucial times however as the old saying goes, "when one door closes, a window will open". It is common during recession that companies will cut back on it's labor especially those under marketing, graphics and communication. But then work still needs to be done; companies will need to advertise. This time they will no longer keep it in-house, they will however outsource it to freelancers. So even at recession, freelancing still has its pizazz, especially for the savvy ones.

So how do you get freelance work at this time?
  1. Market yourself. Use the internet to market yourself. There are a lot of online portals where you can join and then passive-aggressively market yourself as an expert. Linkedin is good way to host your online curriculum vitae. If you maintain a blog, good, if you don't please make one. A blog is a good way to show off your work and there are a lot of blogging platforms out there that's available for free such Wordpress and Blogspot. Make sure that you put a "Hire Me" section in your blog so that your readers can see that you're willing to offer your expertise for a fee. (Alliteration not intended)
  2. Collaborate with other freelancers. Collaborating with other freelancers is also a form of networking. I basically do a lot of freelance writing work and I ask my friends to endorse my skills as their value-added service as I do the same with theirs. We either share an overflow of work or collaborate on one project wherein a writer, designer and programmer are needed.
  3. Be Audacious. Get out of your comfort zone and dare yourself to move. Don't wait for projects to come to you, find yourself a project. Be proactive about your freelancing and don't be afraid to knock on doors.
  4. Network and more network. You won't get any projects if you're just couped up in your flat, instead step out, socialize and get your name out there. Connect with other freelancers, potential clients and other individuals that can help you in your career.
  5. Never undersell yourself. Know the value of your work. Don't overprice but then never undersell your work. Never go beyond what you deem is too low for you since this will ultimately eat away your motivation and self-esteem.
  6. Invest in yourself. Don't stay stagnant, grow. Even when belts are already tightened, make room to invest in yourself. Study something new that promotes career advancement.
No matter what strategy you use, recession offers golden opportunities to freelancers who know how to take advantage of it. Good luck!

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