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So far since the onset of the "Vigoureux Artiste of the Month", I have featured two artists namely Toon and Johannna. I know several local artists and it's high time that I feature some of them here.

For this month, I had the chance of interviewing a considerably known web designer in Cebu to wit Erickson, infamously nicknamed "Intsik" by friends and family. He, together with his wife, initiated Juricks2Web as their means of freelance work and ultimately a source of meal ticket.

Below is the e-mail interview I had with Erickson.
  1. Tell us a bit of yourself

    I’m Erickson Emapasis, project manager at the same time senior web designer of juricks2web.com. I’m just a simple guy, like any other guy, who have his own daily routine. But what makes me different from them probably is my attention to details and my adherence to plans. I religiously plan my activities for tomorrow so that I could reduce my stress level. I have a heavy workload and it is important that I understand what activities need to be prioritized.

  1. When did your interest for graphic design, more specifically web design, begin?

    I started working with website design since I was a college student. I’ve been joining web design and development contests. The first contest I joined, I lost. However that only motivated me to be better. The next contest I joined, I already won. *grin*

    I always thought I was a born web programmer. However when I began programming, I can't help getting bored. Since most of my friends are into programming it took me a while to realize that programming is not just for me. I did some soul searching and explored other fields of the web; then I stumbled into web design. I experimented, played with the color palettes, clipped paths, and added layer after each layer. I then realized that I have a big passion for colors and arts; and that was the onset of my career as a web designer.

  1. How long have you been doing web designing as a profession?

    I’ve been a web designer for almost 4 years and still counting.

  1. Where do you usually go for design inspirations?

    I usually visit bestwebgallery.com since most of the sites listed there are really awe inspiring. There are a lot of very nice sites across the net wherein you can get your muse working.

  1. What software do you use?

    I usually use dreamweaver CS3 or Microsoft web expression for XHTML/CSS implementation. Adobe Photoshop CS3 for my graphics work and Adobe Illustrator for vector graphics stuff.

  1. Who is your favorite designer and why?

    My favorite designer is Shane Seminole Mielke, he’s the creative director of 2advanced.com website at the same time a Graphic designer and photographer. He’s my idol because of his art work that really seems to pop and inevitably catches my undivided attention. He’s really a great designer, for me, he’s one of a kind. You can visit his site and see his beautiful works at http://www.shanemielke.com/.

  1. For Juricks2Web, you said web 2.0 is your specialty. Can you expound more about this?

    Yeah, we usually work more on web 2.0 technologies. It’s not just the term “web 2.0” but it’s the way how a site is being presented. And to explain more about this, it would be best if I will just define web 2.0 for the readers to understand this jargon. Basically, web 2.0 is just a term that triggers these follow site concepts:

  1. What is the usual process you go through when you're working with a web design project?

    Before anything else I always conduct some sort of an interview or I will let our clients answer our website planner. The website planner helps me understand the client more, so after reviewing the filled out planner I can start determining the color scheme fitting for the client and the components needed on the home page. Once I have that rough concept, I start sketching the website interface on my sketch pad. Once I have my sketch, I then open my adobe CS3 and do the rest of the work there. As I go through with my design I usually do trial and error concepts until I am fully contented with the output.

  1. When creating graphics, when is 'eye catching' "too much"?

    Actually even myself I can’t say that I’m really good in graphics design but I do really have an eye to determine when the design is enough. For me, graphic design can be too much when:

    1. I find something on the design that is not relevant to the entire creative concept or not necessary to be there.

    2. The graphics are too crowded.

    3. It doesn’t satisfy general opinions.

    4. The graphics no longer convey a meaningful message.

    5. Irritating to look at.

  1. What is, so far, the most memorable project you've done?

    One of my most memorable website projects is the “Creative Dealers” since that project was crucial for me and for Juricks2Web. The workload was quite heavy so my body couldn't quite keep up (I was hospitalized for tonsillitis ). My mock-up design was rendered late and I apologize profusely to my client. I was quite bless since the client really liked the output and was so understanding; up to now he remains to be one of my best clients.You can view the design here. You can also view the rest of our portfolio here.

  1. Do you have any advice for aspiring graphic and web designers?

    Keep on learning new things and be open to criticism. But always remember, being a good designer is not just a matter of practice but it’s a gift as well. I believe that the software is only second, it is important that you hone your creative eye so that you can produce stellar graphic and web design output.

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