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DeviantART is a good place to enliven one's sleeping muse. As I scour the countless deviations, I stumbled upon Johanna's works. Yes, for this month of July, Johanna is the ravishing artist under our humble limelight.

She is living in Sweden, 25 years of age and has so much love for photography. Although she is not yet making a serious career out of this, she is a notable deviant face. I was first drawn by the dramatic and engaging photos. When I found out that her model is herself, I was instantly bent to know more about her quasi-enigmatic self-disposition and art.

Can you please share a bit about yourself?

My Name is Johanna, I'm 25 years old and I come from and live Sweden.

You have a lot of lovely photos, is photography your profession or the one hobby you love the most?

Its just something I love doing, like a hobby.

You have a lot of photos of yourself and you like to play around with the theme. I am quite interested as to how you go about with all these. I reckon you carry your camera everywhere you go. Can you please share the usual process you go through when preparing such a beautiful work?

Usually I don't plan anything, unless i know i'm going near a place I'd like to take photos of/at. I do always have a camera when traveling though.

What camera are you using?

A Nikon D50

Do you use Photoshop for editing your photos?

I use Paint Shop Pro

I've noticed that most of your photos have an "emotional" touch to it. (sorry for the lack of words). Are your photo's a visual representation of who Johanna is as a person? Enigmatic, mysterious with a good sense of drama.

Thats a hard question, of course I've felt some of those feelings before, i think most people have, but I wouldn't say it represent who I am, no.

Most of the subject in your photos is you, right? How do you go about it? The make up and such, as well as the actual photo shoot.

Yes, usually, I just do photo shoots when I can, I don't really plan them unless I have to go somewhere or have other people with me. Most of the photo shoots happen where i live. And I do my own makeup.

Who are your mentors?

I would have to say my father cause he is who got me into photography. He used to be a professional photographer when I was younger.

Out of all your photos which one is your favorite?

My favorite of my photos change so often but right now it's "Road to nowhere"

See more of Johanna's works at

PS. To Johanna, thank you for your time and for being such a sport.

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Mchilly said...

Wow, now I know a bit of her. I was really inspired when I saw her work. Great work Johanna :-)

Toon said...

Some Really Great Work

Anonymous said...

Johanna is amazing ^_^

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