A Blind Graphic Artist

A disability is never an impediment. We saw it in the last Beijing Olympics as Natalie du Toit competitively swam several laps with her one leg. What about Helen Keller, the first deaf-mute to have graduated from college and has been inspiring others, who have her condition, through her writings.

Stories such as these makes me ponder and makes me smile across the irony presented at the most of us, us who are physically complete. Once again, physical disability is never an impediment.

Ken Saunders has proved across the online graphic industry that blindness is not a big hindrance in producing lovely graphic designs; in his case icons. Yep, Ken is responsible for those lovely icons right at the first part of this post. He was interviewed by Max Power. You can view the full interview here and be inspired yourself.

So to those aspiring graphic artists who think they can't seem to produce a decent work of art, begin now! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

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