I don't think I have ever posted anything about books in this blog. Well, this post will be my first then, since I will be talking about an obsession that has recently taken shape. Although this book has been around since 2005, I have been recently introduced to it by my cousin. When I started working for MK and my cousin left for Manila, I haven't been reading that much which basically took me out of the bookworm loop.

Anyway, I just finished reading "Twilight" however I only got my hands on the e-book and not really the paperback copy. I highly recommend that you read this book and the rest of the Twilight series (New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn). Once you start reading, you literally can't stop. Stephanie Meyer, the author, has really made a very human storyline that is stunningly believable.

The story starts when Bella, our heroine, moves to Forks to be with her dad. She fell in love with Edward, a young, utterly gorgeous vampire, who loves her in the same capacity. Since Edward is a vampire, he struggles to control his blood lust for her and agonizes over the looming danger for Bella. But, Bella would rather be dead than be parted from Edward, so she risks her life to stay near him, and the novel will consume readers with the erotic tension of their dangerous and necessarily vestal relationship.

There is an upcoming movie of this. You can see the trailer here:

For me, the Edward you can find in the movie trailer is an understatement of how Edward was aptly describe in the book. However I still am excited to see the movie, very much excited to be exact. I am off to buy the Twilight series and I only hope that the bookstores have an available stock of this book since it has been sold out for some time now.

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