Beowulf the movie

I thought, Beowulf was just another CG movie but then the news featured in yahoo caught my attention, when Angelina spoke out that she felt shy when she saw her self naked in the movie Beowulf.

The technique is similar to Richard Lanklater's "A Scanner Darkly" and "Waking Life", rotoscoping although not entirely the same. Robert Zemeckis said in an interview that the technique used is performance capture or motion capture. The actors were film and their movements and expressions are digitally captured and is then used on the CG characters. The estimated project cost of the movie is USD 150 Million. Actress Alison Lohman, casted as Ursula, shared her experience during the production, "I enjoyed that more, to be honest, because you have to really use your imagination, You don’t have the props. You have nodes like all over your body and a wet suit, and it’s very weird. It’s like raw, right there acting - nothing hiding. You can’t hide from anything" (from

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