PSST! Things First

This is what I have to say;

"Thank you for sharing the manifesto Bran.. One way or another, I am deeply enlightened… The words preached here has reopened ideals that I once locked behind me due to the demands of the corporate world… Although artists (artists in general) now a days are more recognized compared to the olden times wherein most are suffering and hungry, I guess the sole difference before was that artists then pour their very soul into their works and did not let society dictate what they do… Yes, we need the money in order to feed ourselves but then we should also reconsider the message we are giving out.. Art is after all a form of communication… Most art now a days lack originality and is a sell out.. The barometer on how wonderfully crafted an art is, is when a good sum of profit is earned… I am behind this 101%… Art for that matter shouldn’t be done for money or because the corporate world dictates that we should do it in a way that conforms to their needs.. But rather when we design something or create somethings, it is because we want to and it is within our principles and ideals and that we have a deeper meaning to convey."

Please take a minute on what Bran has to say, a call to apply the ideals of First things First in the art of motion graphics...

Motion graphics is the new Koine of our century and as curators and possessors of this power should we allow ourselves to be minions of ad agencies, answering and conforming to the demands and needs of the corporate world? Are we going to forsake our art, our own set of creative ideals in order to sell? A rather very rampant practice, now predominant in this day and age...

Please take time to think about this...

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