ToonIt! update

If you've read my last post on Digital Anarchy's ToonIt, here is an update.

The recent feedbacks about on how slow ToonIt can be has been given a solution. Since Toonit is a collaboration between Digital Anarchy and Toonamation, the workload in developing this has been divided into two. Digital Anarchy is supplying the front end and training materials and performing the marketing while Toonamation developed the backend code and effects. After the release of the ToonIt, feedbacks were usually "its really a good product but it's so damn slow" and these type of feedbacks has lead Digital Anarchy and Toonamation to produce a 2X Toonit speedup. The latest software is already available for download. Be sure to download it if you are into this cartoon-effect thing.

Toonit is known for its incredible four filters.
  • Roto Toon (the much love A Scanner Darkly effect, done through rotoscoping)
  • Outlines only
  • Goth Toon
  • Backlight Edges

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