Ever wanted to leap from tall walls and gaps instead of your usual morning jog? Instead of running laps at the park, you’d rather want to navigate the city with the urban landscape as your personal obstacle and your playground for discipline, strength, creativity and courage.

Basically that’s what parkour is all about. Fancy as the name may be but the act itself takes milestones of trainings and discipline. Parkour as simply defined is the art of movement. It’s aim is to never move backward but overcome the obstacle with much fluidity, strength, originality and speed. The practitioners of parkour are called traceurs (males) and traceuses (females).

Parkour's development into a cohesive discipline first began in 1988 in Lisses, France, when David Belle was 15 years old. It was Belle's love for martial arts films, especially the work of Bruce Lee -- and the scenarios he imagined, often themed around rescue, escape and pursuit -- that inspired him in the early stages of parkour, and remains a source of inspiration for others.

I am no traceuses, but parkour is one thing that I definitely would keep an eye at. Its one sport and art that would definitely give us the rush of adrenalin. I on the other hand would have to gather all my strength and courage for this art form. Hmmm, I think, I’ll just stick with my graphic design pursuit.

However, here is a terrific video on Parkour, enjoy!

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