2009 Goals

While others are into the whole new year's resolution enchilada, I on the other hand is into Goal Setting. I've read from the book, that goal setting is very powerful and it is even more powerful when you have it in writing. So I 'll write my artistically inclined goals here and hope that by the end of this year I have accomplished all of them since you (my readers) have compelled me to.

  • My posts will be more informative (a lengthy post of at least 300 words, once a week)
  • Tell other bloggers that I'm here, "Hello to the entire blogoshpere" (alliteration unintended)
  • Change into a whole new look that will reflect the person that I am
  • Put up more images, took or made, by me
  • In relation to the previous goal above, finally buy my DSLR camera (I have been lusting over it, I think this year should be the time) so that I can finally take pictures and not just snapshots
  • Learn web development

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