When A Man Loves a Woman

To all the men out there: What do you do to express your affection for a certain woman through the use of arts?

Below are some of James' work. This is his affectionate way of saying he is thinking of me.

His Gift for my Birthday. Below are the two versions he created. He printed the picture with black background only since this is the most attractive one. Do you agree?

This picture perfectly epitomizes the phrase, "If a picture paints a thousand words". The words he used for this image are from my personal blog zeniamai.

This is the first artwork he gave me. He made this using the software phototile. If you look at image closely, my picture is made up of thousand flower pictures. He said he used flowers for this image since he wants to give me a thousand flowers... Wonder how my house would look if he actually sent me a thousand flowers...

What did you do to show your love for your special person?

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