Life is Cool

Ever watched the film, "A Waking Life" or "A Scanner Darkly"? I guess in this blog you can find numerous "rotoscoping" words. Aside from the fact that I do work for a rotoscoping company and am surrounded by friendly, sometime crazy and yet undoubtedly talented roto artists, rotoscoping is one fun techniques that has been used in several movies to achieve that cartoon like effect.

In the past to name a few, we have Cinderella, Snow white, Betty Boop and among others. Despite that this process has been decried by many animation purists, now a days more and more filmmakers are embracing rotoscoping to give their movies a more modern flair.

Just recently, Korean director Choe Ik-hwan (“Whispering Corridors 4: Voice”) brings “Life Is Cool,” South Korea’s first rotoscoped film. This is a romantic comedy about three friends falling in love for the same girl. The film took about only one month to shoot however the post production process took two whole years with 140 roto artists painstakingly employing the rotoscoping process.

Below is the trailer for Life is Cool. I can only hope that I find a copy of this film with English subtitles. Enjoy the video.

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