Top 5 Software for Rotoscoping

There are only two things that can make any motion graphic artist flinch and that's rotoscoping and chroma keying. Why? Mainly because both processes are time consuming and arm numbing. However despite all these, rotoscoping and chroma keying still remains to be very important in the industry we move in. Which is why, lately, software companies are launching new products that aim to lesses the pain in rotoscoping.

Here we will talk about the Top 5 best rotoscoping softwares currently available that deliver accurate and fast mattes.

1. Silhouette FX
2. Mocha
3. Adobe After Effects
4. Combustion
5. Digital Fusion

Read more by clicking this link: Rotoscoping Software

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Dr. Zaius said...

Cool! I was actually curious about this subject. Thanks!

vigoureux artiste said...

Yes, with all the softwares available at least we can get the most of our investment.

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