Imagineer Launches Mogul

LAS VEGAS, NV — 04/14/08 — Imagineer Systems (, creators of next-generation VFX tools, today announced the arrival of mogul. Conceived through customer dialogue and designed and developed by Imagineer Systems, mogul is an entirely new open, collaborative VFX architecture supporting a suite of tightly integrated, modular VFX systems and applications. mogul is the industry’s first collaborative VFX architecture to provide an open platform that unites common design facility talents, such as editing, compositing, 3D design and modelling, and empowers designers in a new VFX workflow that more closely fits the way artists work. Additionally, mogul enables powerful new collaboration capabilities critical in today’s deadline-intensive, and fiscally demanding business climate and offers an innovative new subscription-based pricing model, ensuring mogul is accessible, viable and affordable for facilities of any size or budget.

mogul is comprised of a powerful combination of system-level and desktop application-level components, tightly integrated to optimize the creative collaborative workflow experience. Key systems components will include: a collaborative shared storage management system; a powerful file browser application designed for working with media and metadata; a disk-based playback and review system that includes tools for quality control and annotation; a highly interactive finishing system with I/O, 3D compositing, editing, and grading tools; and a dedicated I/O system, with capture, layback, encoding and job duplication, all on a dedicated workstation. (Read More…)

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