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Found this nifty post at Neville Longbottom blog

Elfman’s character as Satan, from Forbidden Zone, is based off a cross of “Cab Calloway in a Max Fleischer cartoon,” (Film in Review, 1990) , so is Berny Wolf’s famous Betty Boop cartoon “Minnie the Moocher,” inspiration, obviously, to Danny’s song in the film, “Sqeezit the Moocher.”

Animation Nation writes,
“Perhaps Berny’s most famous scene is one he animated when he was just 21 years old… the ghostly walrus from the Fleischer Betty Boop cartoon, “Minnie the Moocher”. Dave Fleischer assigned Berny to rotoscope footage of Cab Calloway. He told me that he did the work at Max Fleischer’s original rotoscope rig- the one on which they had rotoscoped Ko-Ko the Clown many years earlier. The rotoscope machine was made from an old camera stand, and it stood in a dark, dusty corner of the camera room. For a week, Berny sat alone in the corner, perched on a high stool rotoscoping Cab Calloway.”

As you see, both Calloway and Fleischer are mentioned here because they are refering to the same topic in the 1990 review of ‘Forbidden Zone.” Below I’ve posted the link for the ‘Minnie the Moocher’ soide, and it is rearry good so hopefully the link works for you all.


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Dr. Zaius said...

That movie was awful. I sat through the whole. Interesting images, but a terrible script.

vigoureux artiste said...

hehehe... It's kindda far out...

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