New Look for LazyMask

LazyMask, one of the pioneering clipping path company in the industry, officially released its new website this week. They have kept the changes very minimal with the tutorials page being the highlight difference.

“I don't think there is a need to surprise our clients with an over-all change in the design. LazyMask is a brand and the website is a part of it,” Jane Kirk said in the interview.

LazyMask started with one tutorial on clipping path and now there will be new tutorials on photo editing each month that both beginners and advance users of photoshop will definitely relish at.

LazyMask has a reputable name for itself among its clients in Europe and the United States, having been providing volume image masking, photo restoration and image enhancing services since 2004.

LazyMask has its main office in Copenhagen Denmark with its production in Cebu, Philippines. Their customers stand to benefit from the innate artistic abilities of Filipino graphic artists as well as their English speaking skills.

“Now, LazyMask not only aims to offer quality graphic outsourcing services but we also aim to impart our knowledge and skills for those people who would want to learn photo editing” Kirk says.

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