LazyAnimation Gets Revamped

LazyAnimation, a Scandinavian 3d company recently revamped its site's lay-out to a much lighter shade of gray. Officially released this week, the new and improved LazyAnimation displays a slide-show presentation of what they can do and showcasing it's, now, strongest suite which is 3d architectural rendering.

Primarily known for it's character animation services, LazyAnimation repositioned itself, now offering 3d architectural rendering and modeling services mostly to the Scandinavian Market. “If an architect in Denmark wants to have his design modeled and rendered, it would cost him roughly about 5.000 DKK", the CEO of LazyAnimation explained.

LazyAnimation has it's main office in Copenhagen Denmark while the production is in the Philippines. “The Philippines has always been my number one choice for graphics and now for my architectural renderings”, Jane said. She also added that not only can LazyAnimation provide photo realistic architectural renderings but they can also do it in “a much, much, much” lower cost.

The studio is powered by high-end graphic cards from NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX, with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.46 hz/ 4m6L2) processor, a 4GB Memory for multi-tasking, an Asus LG775 Chipset and a 640 GB Hard drive in RAID 0 for a fast file transfer and data capacity.

Although LazyAnimation is directing most of its marketing to its architectural rendering service, LazyAnimation still has several 3d magic up it's sleeve such as character animation; product modeling and animation; and logo animation.

LazyAnimation is a sister company of LazyMask, a clipping path service provider, and LazyMovie, a rotoscoping and chroma keying VFX facility.

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