Juricks2web.com, a web design and development company, has uploaded it's sample website as a part of it's soft launching promotion. Jurick2web.com is owned and operated by real-life sweethearts Julievive and Erickson which by the way is currently expecting their very first baby.

After 3 years of working as a web developer, Erickson decided to start his own business in collaboration with friends whose specialties lie in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web hosting.

Erickson says, “I want to own my hours that's why I decided to establish this collaborative effort.” Jurick2web has considered themselves expert in the areas of website design (web 2.0 concepts), web programming (web 2.0 programming style), site template, PSD slicing to XHTML/CSS coding, corporate identity, logos, advertise banners, design advise and consultation, search engine optimization and web hosting. .

“In terms of web development, our specialty lies in the hottest trend that has hit the industry, web 2.0. Expect glassy buttons and stylish SEO friendly designs from us”, Julievive said.

Stylish, cost-efficient and SEO friendly are the assests their clients have been banking on. Although, their website may have been uploaded only recently, Juricks2Web has already been working with clients from the US, Canada, Denmark, Nevada and Switzerland.

Visit www.juricks2web.com for more information.

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