Image Manipulation Gone Wrong

Can we still believe everything we see in photos? With today's state of the art technology, we can absolutely do anything we want with photographs. From trimming down love handles to making your grandma look 20 years younger, the possibilities are endless.

Many people believe that the manipulation of images started during the invention of the very popular Photoshop, but the truth is, there have been fake photographs even before it was mass produced. Though it was not that popular, mainly because purchasing such software, before, can hurt one's bank account, the knowledge on the how-to-do image manipulation is also not that widespread. In as early as 1860's, photographs already lost its innocence and were being manipulated only a few decades after the first photograph was created by NiƩpce in 1914. Its uses, the cultural impact, and the ethical concerns have made it a very interesting subject beyond the skills and technical process involved.

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Dr. Zaius said...

Indeed! I agree that photoshopped shenanigans on the internets are just wrong. I, for one, would never do such a thing on my blog!

Low rate clipping path with time deadline Delivery said...

yes Photoshop image manipulation gone wrong. But everything Growth business.

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