"Why Man Creates" - by Saul Bass

You might have seen Saul Bass' "Why Man Creates".. But according to Justin, and I quote, that " its one of those precious gems that deserves an annual viewing." "Why Man Creates" won the Oscar's 1968 Best Animated Short Film. It's purely a classic cartoon with a lot of philosophical wisdom to share. Contrary to most animations we have now, this is simple and timeless. It's not strikingly an awe inspiring mograph artwork but it hits you directly in the subconscious. This clip below is just a 5-minute excerpt and you'd have to shell out a painful 125 $ for the entire dvd series.

Anyway, lets just relish the cost-free 5 minute excerpt of Saul Bass' " Why Man Creates"

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Dr. Zaius said...

Interesting! The best line was "I've invented the zero!" "What?" "Nothing, nothing..."

Bruno Bozzetto followed a similar theme about evolution in "Allegro Non Troppo" [ 2 ].

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