My Business Card Attempts

I have been meaning to surprise my boyfriend. I have been hankering a design for his very own business card. He is an architect and he recently passed the board examinations. These are the designs I have been working on. I plan on designing a new one, in case after another thoughtful self assessment none of these designs would pass my unwavering standards.

This is the latest design I made. My design has transitioned from the what seems to be typical traditional design of business cards. This design may still be traditional in some ways - but I love the modern feel of it.

Second to the latest design I made. I only had a limited amount of architectural designs from his portfolio at this point in time.

My very very first attempt.

Which design do you prefer? The latest, the second one or the very very first attempt?

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Dr. Zaius said...

Definately the top one.

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