Manny Pacquaio & Oscar Delahoya - Dream Fight

I'm so big in boxing but then this Dream Fight have caused so much attention online and my officemates are betting against each other so who could blame me if this caught my attention. This coming December 7, 2008. Who do you think will win? Manny or Oscar?

Manny Pacquiao's Fighting Strategy:

Some experts have argued that Manny's speed will be so blindingly fast that De La Hoya won't be able to hit the Philippine sensation. This is inconsistent with Manny's style of fighting, though because he has always been more seek-and-destroy than stick-and-move.

Despite the aforementioned, Manny Pacquiao's speed will still play a significant role in attaining victory. He will have to stay active on the outside to neutralize De La Hoya's jab and let his hands go once he is close up.

Due to the fact that Manny is used to scoring knockouts, he has to understand that De La Hoya is used to being hit by bigger guys. The key to victory for Manny is that he punches in combinations and tries to win by outscoring his opponent. That means the quantity, and not quality, of punches landed will likely punch Manny's winning ticket.

De La Hoya's Strategy:

In the last five years De La Hoya has not knocked out any significant fighter. An exception could be Ricardo Mayorga; however one can argue that he was overmatched and not in the same skill level as De La Hoya. However this argument does not apply against Pacquiao, as Oscar's relative weight advantage and power have to be take into consideration and thus respected.

Oscar De La Hoya might find that he might initially have to take a few punches, but it's what he does with that one that matters. De La Hoya will most likely look to jab while Pacquiao is coming in and use hooks to the head and body once he gets there.

The key point for Oscar De La Hoya to win is to be able to cut the ring off. This should not be a problem as he has been facing top-notch competition for more than a decade and knows more than a little bit about cutting off the ring.

Who do you think will win?

UPDATE: --------------

Manny Pacquaio won but Delahoya barely fought. He wasn't even trying and I think that fight really intended to let Manny win. The fight was not that exciting since Delahoya was more on the defense & he barely reciprocated the punches that Manny threw at him. Maybe it was the sudden drop of his weight or maybe it was a ploy nonetheless I expected more.

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beewings said...

Both boxers are GREAT!! Difficult to predict whose gonna WIN... When we base for the Tale of Tape of the fight,Dela Hoya maybe Got It All... If PACMAN will not play the GAME.. if PACMAN will not show too much confident.. then PACMAN - the Mexicutioner brings the GAME. PACMAN with POWER and SPEED

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