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I'm very busy for the past couple of days and this will go on for about a month. I have been ghost writing for another company at night time and it is certainly taking it's toll now (I'm so sleepy). I barely have time to blog here and in my other blog. Enough of the rants since this is a blog dedicated to arts, anyway I know it's been a while since I posted something about architecture. Architect James recently sent me his rough 3d architectural renderings for Barbie's soon to be "mansion" **smirk**.

He sent it yesterday late afternoon that's why I didn't get to post it here immediately. I only have one comment after I saw the images: Expensive. The structure of the house is already existing, James only needed to renovate the entire area and turn it from dump to luxurious living. I don't want to prolong the suspense any longer so.

This is the top view of the house.

I really love the idea of the pool and how it unifies with the house's entire design

Please don't mind the floating plants since this image was not perfectly rendered, yet.

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