8 Christmas Gifts for Creative Freelancers

Christmas is fast approaching and by now I hope you already have your shopping list ready or else your going to be classified as a crappy gift giver, again. If you haven't prepared what gifts to give out yet, well this post might just get you out of your holiday quagmire. With the economy lagging down, I made sure that my gift ideas are not only creatively inspired but it's under the $ 50 bracket.

On and Off Mug - US $ 50

I know how a lot of graphic artists or writers rely on coffee to get through the day. Even before the brain starts its full function, a dapple of coffee is needed to get it started. Which is why this mug is so perfect for many of us. At plain sight it is a standard black mug with big white letters that says OFF. Nothing fancy, but once you add the hot beverage of your choice, the mug changes color and gradually turns to white with big black letters saying: ON. Although there are a lot of temperature sensitive mugs manufactured already, I like this specifically since it's witty and very simple. Place an order here.

The is how the mug slowly changes from black to white.

Mimoco 4 GB Flash Drive - $ 49.95

Who says that flash drives need to be plain and dull? Any freelancer would want to have these mimoco flash drives to transport their files from one computer to the other. Since the friend I have in mind is a girl, I'm sure she'll love Giggles Glory from happy tree friends. You can choose from other mimobots series as well.

Giggle Glory - actually for the month of November, Giggles Glory is on sale and is only $32.47. Better buy one now before the sale ends.

Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse - $ 42.00

Most freelancers are on the go and spend most their time on laptops. Logitech V470 Cordless Laser Mouse allows people to connect directly to Bluetooth-enabled MacBook computers or Windows-based laptop PCs - without an external receiver. The V470 mouse features Bluetooth 1.2 wireless technology and laser tracking and Side-to-Side Scrolling Plus Zoom. People can instantly zoom in and out, or scroll horizontally or vertically with convenience.

This mouse also comes with a pouch.

Veer's SketchBook - $ 29

Creative individuals especially artists loves to doodle and sketch. Whenever an inspiration hits them, artists just have sketch it out before totally forgetting the bits of details the imagination has conjured up. Veer's sketchbook pretty much says it all for most artists.

I draw pictures all day.

Creatives Understand Mouse Pad - $ 20

Veer has a lot of really cool products that appeals to many graphic designers and writers. If inside you're a creative maelstrom yet very collected and cool on the outside, then this mouse pad expresses your creative voice.

These are the mouse pad designs you can choose from.

Small Typography Poster - $ 15.99

Type is the way we communicate the written word. This is a great gift for designers and even for writers. This is a perfect wall decor for their workspace. Need I say more?

You can check this out at cafepress.

Irregular IQ Cube - $ 9.99

This is your not so ordinary cube.
This cube, found at thinkgeek, is not restricted to straight vertical and horizontal cuts, it has two new vertical slices, creating new planes for rotation, designed to have your spatial relations geared up. Now this will certainly have your creative juices flowing.

Does it look impossible to you?

Busted Tee - $ 18.99

The internet is a ubiquitous media. Most if not all freelancers transact business online. You can get more of these funny shirts at Busted Tees.

But it's safer than bringing my computer under water...

You're wearing what we're all thinking.

9th and final Idea - Cash. Give friends and family $ 50 and I'm sure they'll thank you for it.

Do you have any more gift ideas to add?

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