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If you are outside Asia, most probably you haven't heard of Friendster nor do you have friends lurking in its vast database. Just like Myspace, Friendster is a social network wherein you get to connect with, well, friends. However in Asia, more specifically in Indonesia and Philippines, Friendster is considered a big hit. Just like any social network, many of its members are tweaking and re-tweaking its themes to make their profiles stand out. We all know that when you have good graphics, you are most likely to receive those wanted attentions. Although you can find a lot of Friendster themes in the search engines, I took the liberty of picking out top 5 sites that has some of the best themes.

I would like to hand out some advice on how to pick a Friendster theme for your page.

When choosing a Friendster theme, I would advise not to pick themes that has an image of a celebrity unless of course you're making a fan page. But if your Friendster is all about you, you should get themes that reflects your personality or edit it and add your image in the background. Doing so will really make it more personal and more you.

I would also advise not to pick themes wherein the words are barely visible. I often see Friendster themes wherein the words are a shade lighter than the background. With this theme, you are giving your readers a helluva time reading what you have to say in your profile.

I don't enjoy seeing words that are strike out and what seems to be an identifier for words with a hyperlink. It's only making the words unreadable but it also makes entire design a bit of a mess.

I like Friendster themes that are clean and when the graphics are either simple or just outstanding. There is no hard and fast rule as to what is beautiful, remember, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Top 5 Friendster Themes Sites

  • Friendster Hub - This is my first choice. I see a lot of themes that suites what I've mentioned above. They have a wide selection of fresh themes, the kinds wherein you have a header/ banner that you can conveniently edit if you just take time to play around with the CSS. I also like the layout of their site since its more organized and clean to look at.
Friendster Themes
  • Vixen Art - You can find a lot of cool layouts here that have a web 2.0 concept. You can find none traditional Friendster themes that has good-looking graphics. I also like their site navigation and how their site loads fast since many Friendster theme sites loads ever so slowly due to the large amount of images.
Friendster Themes
  • Layout Venue - For me, among all websites that offer Friendster layouts, Layout Venue has kept a more general theme and its clean and crisp designs (minimalist). Most of their graphics are not obstructing any text and are neatly placed at the side. The Friendster themes you can choose from are quotes layout, icon layout, glitter layout, photography layout, and among others.

Friendster Themes
  • Cool Friendster Layout - They have a wide selection of Friendster Themes. Their website loads easily which is a good thing since sites like these are usually heavy with graphics. The designs are pretty random however most of their themes are not cheesy.
Friendster Themes
  • Friendster Hive - In a way Friendster Hive is revolutionizing the Friendster theme industry. Unlike in Friendster Hub who house all sorts of themes, Friendster Hive's themes generally look like a blog since it has notable banners located on top of your profile. The appealing graphics are placed neatly on the side or even on the background but still it is no where messy. The place holder of the content either have graphical designs that are not obtrusive to the text or its plainly crisp and clean which is so fine by me.
Friendster Themes

If you want to customize your Friendster profile even more, I suggest you visit Kiwee. Although you can't find any themes or layouts, you can get a lot of really cool add-ons for your profile. I have below a text generator from Kiwee, lovely isn't it?

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