Ladies of the World

This is the behind scenes from the Flight of the Conchord's latest music video, Ladies of the World.

Below is the after shot.

You could probably tell from the two videos that the work involved a great deal of rotoscoping, motion tracking and keying work. The work flow is fairly interesting and you'd understand why as we move along. Michele Yamakazi of toolfarm had an interivew with the guys behind this great piece of work. Below is an excerpt

The job involved tracking the stunt double's heads with the singer's heads. I noticed tracking dots on the stunt double's cheeks, nose and chin in your photos. Jemaine and Bret were shot against a greenscreen and with a green cape. How did you get it to match? Can you talk a bit about the process of tracking and rotoscoping and matching angles?

The first obstacle was how do make a video using similar techniques of a movie like 'Little Man' but with something comparable to one week of their catering budget. We had to be really crafty and come up with some good solutions, plus figuring out what to do when our compromises didn't fly. We walked into this planning for 5 shots, by the time we were given the edit we were looking at 25 shots, not including some of the other VFX scenes that sprang up. It's just kind of the nature of the beast, but still it was definitely a very sticky situation initially. There were lots of little headaches like keeping the guy's lip-sync throughout the videos and fighting mother-nature. For the RV scene we wound up with 4 different plates to put together, but because it was shot at dusk we had 4 totally different lighting and backdrop looks.

You can read the full interview here. They really did an impressive job, the body and head mesh perfectly. What do you think?

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