Hand painted Keyboard Art

There are only few words to describe my keyboard. "Uhhh, it's black, some of the letters are faded due to my constant hard typing and uhhhh..." Well, that's basically it. While some keyboards glow in the dark, other feel that they need to be more creative. If you are the kind of person that wants to standout always and if style trumps over function these keyboards might just be for you. I am not saying that these hand painted keyboards are not all functional. As matter of fact they do what normal keyboards do.

Now, ain't it pretty? Notice the intricate details place into every key. This typing machine will make your fingers float ontop of a floral garden however they have one design that can really make the eyes dizzy (at least for my eyes, if you like this particular design for your keyboard, good for you).

Which among the three do you like best? Just a quick info, These keyboards cost roughly about $156. I can only imagine the extra amount you need to add for the full size keyboard.

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