Dream House in the Making

I always have this vision of what my dream house is going to look like. More like a vague image of it however the prominent feature that I want my house to have is the interior zen garden. I would want my walls to be painted only with white paint and I want one wall filled with hanged frames of photos and other memorabilia of my meandering life. Basically I want my house to reflect my personality, practical and simple yet eye catching. A fusion of modern design and mother nature's very own fine art.

James, a new architect, just sent me his interpretation of my dream house. I like the design honestly. It is simple yet it stands out. The zen garden is there and he added a pool too..

Below are the images:

These architectural renderings are not yet final. James is still in the process of producing a much finer rendering. Once he has the final rendering finished, we are going to include it in LazyAnimation's collection of architectural rendering works.

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