LazyMovie: Takes the Luckluster Off VFX

Now, here’s a bit of good news.

A Scandinavian outsourcing company based in Cebu, Philippines is willing to take over where most graphic VFX (visual effects) designers would rather leave off, but can’t.

LazyMovie does frame by frame rotoscoping and chroma keying jobs. The company delivers first-rate 2D digital post production work, like cleaning up dirt and wires in high-kick and high -flying martial arts films, using the rotoscoping and chroma keying techniques.

Rotoscoping and Chroma Keying are necessary in video editing, which is often thought of as the lackluster aspect of an otherwise glamorous and celebrity-studded industry.

LazyMovie took off as a rotoscoping and chroma keying service provider after LazyMask, a sister company, established a niche for itself across several image-related industries in the United States and Europe. LazyMask provides clipping path and image masking services to its clients. Like LazyMovie, LazyMask also has its production offices in Cebu, Philippines.

Beyond rotoscoping and chroma keying, LazyMovie offers certain valuable intangibles that are typically associated with outsourcing. Clients can actually bank on (a) reduced post production costs, (b) improved process procedures, (c) and more time to focus on core competencies when they outsource their rotoscoping and chroma keying needs to LazyMovie.

LazyMovie’s production team is composed of highly skilled Filipino visual effects designers with professional experience. The company is run by a Scandinavian management team, thus minimizing cultural and linguistic misunderstandings - an otherwise possible downside to outsourcing.

Interested clients can have their one sec. video clip rotoscoped and chroma keyed for free so they can asses the quality of the work delivered by LazyMovie. (PR)

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